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Building and playing with the projects will give you greater comfort and proficiency with hardware, software and wireless communications. You will create projects using accessible environments, such as Arduino for hardware and Processing for displays. We also provide links to where you can take a deeper dive on any of the subjects covered.

All the projects you create in this kit use radio signals that pass invisibly through the air. This "wirelessness" is essential whenever you want to place sensors where no cables can be installed, or where such tethering is undesirable. With radio, you can employ sensing and actuation in remote locations, hotel high-rises, factories, or out in complex urban environments. Mobile devices like delivery trucks, environmental sensors or even children's toys can benefit greatly by being communicative without being chained to a wall or to each other. Wearable electronics can even be attached to people or animals without hindering their movement. In short, lots of data can move freely from where it is gathered to where it can do the most good. That's why wireless is worth it.

The projects are broken into Processing projects, and Arduino projects.

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Processing or Arduino
Processing or Arduino

titleSource code of the projects

You can access the source code for the projects on the 

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nameXBee/Arduino Compatible Coding Platform GitHub repository
. For setting up the projects, you may download the source as a zip archive on the
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nameGitHub releases